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CMS Using Python Flask!

A couple of years ago I started experimenting with a Python micro-framework known as Flask. Flask offers various options to build various applications with ease, with out the heavy handedness of larger frameworks such as Django. Django is fantastic for building quick large apps such as content management systems, and e-commerce systems. A great Django developer is invaluable, however, I have recently found myself frustrated with the larger frameworks such as Django and have challenged myself to start a new open source project on Github that will be known as Scotch, and will be written using the Flask micro-framework.

Automate Your Nagios

Opscode creates a cookbook for nagios that allows for simple management of your nagios environment. You can download the Nagios Cookbook and as I would always recommend use a wrapper cookbook in order to modify the functionality of the community cookbook.


So I am using a new blogging platform called jekyll to post my blog. It literally is just maintaining static files. No database or anything like that. I figured it was worth a shot. My hope is to add some functionality to it like tracking, pulling some info from mongo, etc.